Published on September 30th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Sudden Edamame Review

The indie developer behind the terrific game show style tap ’em up Sudden Bonus is back with a zany new food based spinoff called Sudden Edamame that delivers the same maniacally entertaining action as its predecessor but with an interesting new twist. In this math focused followup from Lek Chan the hard working everyman Hiromasa just can’t seem to catch a break as the “Sudden” game show host has seen fit to torment him once again, this time at his favorite bar while he’s just trying to relax. However rather than the Street Fighter-esque button mashing of Sudden Bonus this time around the host has a new ridiculous challenge for Hiromasa and his friends in the form of rapid fire number counting with a few unexpected tweaks.

While at first the idea of number counting may seem antithetical to an arcadey pick up and play experience the way Sudden Edamame manages to turn math based gameplay into something genuinely entertaining combined with the pixelated eccentric charm of its forebear makes it both addicting and intellectually stimulating.

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Sudden Edamame Review Craig Forshey


Summary: Sudden Edamame delivers the same signature charm as Sudden Bonus but with an interesting new twist.



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  • Pablo Pastore

    After almost two months it’s good to see you back, guys.

  • sean

    Oh how we’ve missed y’all

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