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BAM Boys 2: Impossible Castle Review – An Apt Description

Indie developer Jason Ozubko is back at it again with an interesting new follow up to his fantastic Super Mario World style platformer BAM Boys, subtitled Impossible Castle, that keeps the same polished controls and charming atmosphere of its predecessor while amping the difficulty meter up to 11. While I really enjoyed the original BAM Boys as it is still one of the best original Mario games around I also felt like it had a tendency to be too forgiving with its level design at times so I am pleasantly surprised with the new ‘impossible’ direction this sequel takes. Make no mistake, this is the equivalent of the hardest Mario Maker levels you’ve ever played gone mobile which is an ambitiously risky design choice that would fall apart if not for the extremely tight control scheme supporting everything that comes about as close to replicating a NES pad on a touch screen as you can get.

Players auto-run to the right while tapping and holding either side of the screen in order to run backwards or jump through the air, a simple but elegant setup that delivers a better than expected work around to the lack of physical buttons thanks to its attention to minutia. In addition to all the classic enemy stomping of the earlier Mario games BAM Boys 2 also throws in a few new tricks from the ‘New’ Super Mario Games such as the ability to wall ride which adds in an extra degree of acrobatics to proceedings. In the original BAM Boys this classic style of gameplay served as the foundation for one of the most charming non-Mario ‘Mario’ games in recent memory, but here in its followup it has returned to put any would-be ‘hardcore’ Mario players like me in their place as, just like the nightmare rom hacks that inspired it, Impossible Castle is seemingly determined to live up to its namesake.

Graphically BAM Boys 2 looks great with charming Nintendo inspired sprite design and a field of view that keeps the action on the center of the screen, but it should probably ditch the nostalgic sound samples it uses in favor of something else in order to compliment its otherwise excellent original overall package.

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BAM Boys 2: Impossible Castle Review – An Apt Description Craig Forshey


Summary: One of the best non-Mario 'Mario' games out there with a high difficulty level specially tuned for expert players.



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