Published on October 5th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Explore The Cosmos In Spacey New Sidescroller Major Contract

A charming new scfi-fi physics sidescroller from indie developer Dogfire Games called Major Contract has arrived that blends together elements of Lunar Lander, action-rpgs, and exploratory survival into a neat retro style title which casts players as pioneers in the distant future of burgeoning interplanetary space travel. As the very first human life form to ever set foot on the planets they encounter players will need to immediately start hopping around on jetpack while they search for invaluable materials, life giving oxygen, and artifacts that just might explain where we come from before they succumb to the ex-terrestrial wild. Complicating matters however are the many perils that await jetpack happy explorers such as deadly clouds of radiation and all manner of exotic alien species on the stroll for a quick snack which when combined with the constant need for oxygen introduce a more strategic element to proceedings. Fans of sidescrollers or exploration style games will definitely want to check out Major Contract.

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