Published on October 6th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


High Flying Arcade Puzzler Tap Rising Ascends Onto Android

From the indie developer behind the volleyball-fighting game mashup 9 Elements comes yet another neat genre spanning title called Tap Rising that infuses twitch arcadey action with a dash of puzzle sensibilities to create an elegantly addicting pick up and play experience. In this charming retro riff on JRPGs from indie developer Leinus it’s up to players to rescue a princess who’s been kidnapped by the dastardly robotic Block King by climbing his deadly tower of falling traps and knocking him senseless when they get close enough. Unlike some other block dodging games in Tap Rising players will have to do more than just avoid getting smushed as there plenty of special blocks, unexpected gameplay mechanics, and even crazy boss battles to contend with as well. With its high dose of retro charm and polished arcade style gameplay Tap Rising is a great choice for fans of high-octane nostalgia.

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  • sean

    it’s not too shabby. Needs something more.

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