Published on October 7th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Wacky Outrun Homage Thug Racer Zooms Onto Android

Indie developer Super Cookie Games has seen fit to spiritually resurrect the classic arcade racer Outrun on Android with a campy new homage called Thug Racer that updates the legendary Outrun sense of speed for HD while infusing it with a wacky sense of humor straight out of ‘Pimp My Ride’. More than just a straightforward runner, Thug Racer does an admirable job of recreating the more memorable aspects of its forebear with multiple branching paths, high speed chases, and an emphasis on slick driving. Thanks to its ‘mode-7’ esque graphics engine Thug Racer looks both crisp and retro at the same time with highly detailed sprites whipping past players at breakneck speeds and animation techniques that look very Sega Genesis-y. In addition to outrunning the ticking clock players will also need to watch out for speed traps as the cops will attempt to chase you down if they catch you speeding which helps keep things interesting. Whether you grew up playing Outrun in the arcades or are just in the mood for a good racing game check out Thug Racer. For more coverage of this quirky arcade homage, be sure to watch our latest Let’s Play video.

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