Published on October 20th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Metal Gear Solid Homage Hundred Fires 3 Infiltrates Google Play

Indie developer David Amado Fernandez has returned with an epic finale to his Metal Gear homage series Hundred Fires that represents the best of the trilogy in both game design and ambition. Hundred Fires originally had its genesis in the popular Metal Gear Outer Heaven, a Metal Gear fan game that sought to bring tactical espionage action to Android but was sadly taken down by Konami after it started picking up steam. This led Fernandez to go on to create his own original IP in the Hundred Fires series and he has been refining the formula ever since culminating with this newest release, Hundred Fires 3, easily standing out as the most technically proficient. With its nostalgic MGS2/3 gameplay and crazy nuke-centric storyline filled with hilariously maniacal villains, giant robots, and convoluted narratives Hundred Fires 3 is sure to ease any Phantom Pain you may have coming off of Metal Gear Solid 5. You can pick it up on Google Play for about 2 bucks.

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