Published on October 21st, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Eccentric Retro Platformer Undead Nerds Lands On Android

Indie developers HungryPixel and PolloCioni have combined forces to create Undead Nerds, a bizarre new retro style platformer that feels like the mutant offspring of oldschool MS-DOS Apogee games and Megaman. In this wacky 8-bit adventure an unknown rule of the internet has been broken which of course leads to the zombie apocalypse leaving our fearful bespectacled hero with no choice but to wield his collectors edition toy like a blaster and quell the pixelated undead uprising. Players will fight a horde of pixelated zombies and parodic retro monstrosities across 4 huge levels and 5 insane boss fights all the while jamming out to a quirky all-acapella soundtrack. Fans of oldschool sidescrollers like Megaman will definitely want to give Undead Nerds a look. You can pick it up on Google Play for about 2 bucks.

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