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19 New Indie Android Games You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Welcome to the SGD speed run where we take nineteen awesome new indie Android games you probably haven’t heard of and describe them in two sentences or less. Each game has been hand picked for quality and will be critiqued with as much brevity as possible in accordance with the spirit of the speed run. Games are listed in no particular order.


Getting Fat from Lazy Bug

A simple but addicting arcade survival game that will make arachnophobes squeamish. It has both potential and a special easy mode for babies.

gettingfat gettingfat2


Rock The Goat from Galaxy Crunch

A wacky balance based physics game that has players attempting to stay upright on the equivalent of a demon possessed skateboard. Helps push the balancing sub-genre forward.



DinoOps from Bug Studio

A retro style dino-themed twin stick shooter from the developer of Cosmolands. Reminiscent of the classic Jurassic Park games on Genesis and Super Nintendo.

dinoops dinoops2


Duck’s Inferno from GROm Games

A hilarious endless beat em up that feels like a demented reverse take on Knightmare Tower but with a very *ahem* ‘fowl’ twist. Players play a demonic duck with a giant scythe as he slices through a horde of baddies and swallows power ups whole.



MiniPix from Laurent Bakowski

The developer behind the Bad Roads series is back with an inventive endless sidescroller that keeps you on your toes with shifting game design. As players progress both their character’s abilities and their enemies will suddenly morph which makes for some unique situations.

minipix minipix2


Not Of This World from BohFam

An eerie survival sidescroller that has players taking on the role of a shapeshifting alien who has stopped by Earth for a quick snack and has to avoid being spotted in the process. A darkly humorous art style and quirky gameplay mechanics give it a glib atmosphere.


notofthisworld notofthisworld2


Wonky Ship from Kiz Studios

A really addicting and extremely simple arcade physics game that has players attempting to escape a black hole using the twin engines on their ship. High polish and a lot of replayability make it a keeper.



Go! Go! Meatball from Parta Games

A charming Nintendo style platformer starring an adorable meatball that has also just received a big content update to coincide with Halloween. Fans of 16-bit sidescrollers will want to give it a look.

gogomeatball gogomeatball2


Zombie T-shirt Store from Raketspel

This endearingly gory retro arcade puzzler puts players in charge of managing hordes of the undead who have taken over a t-shirt store with their bad fashion sense. It’s up to players to match colors and kick butt as they defeat the shambling monstrosities with combo-rific style.



Cypher Hit from BopaTech

Interesting mashup of brick breaker and shoot ’em up where players have to bounce bullets back at enemies to survive. Both genres mix together pretty well here.



City Rebuild from RSG Apps

Incremental clicker with a zombie twist where players must rebuild society in the face of an undead apocalypse by tapping their hearts out. Multiple locations allow for variety.



Catch The Thieves from Smart Communications

A cartoony endless sidescroller where players have to simultaneously tap like crazy and dodge projectiles thrown by a dastardly thief they’re chasing. Tons of upgrades and a brand new shirt based power up system update give it replay value.

2 catchthetheives


Flawless Hit from External Games

Classic arcade stacking type of game but with good graphics and performance. Solid presentation and responsiveness help it to tower over its peers.



Goblin’s Cartmageddon from Grupo Wintek Publications

A ludicrous but charming hybrid of endless runner and tower defense where players command a gleefully mischievous band of goblins as they travel around the countryside wreaking havoc. Those not into the tower defense genre may be won over by its more action oriented feel.

goblincart goblincart2


Knight Quest from HH Studio

This highly praised timing based RPG has finally hit Android with its interesting QTE approach intact. Players take on waves of baddies by tapping on buttons as they flash across the screen.

23 235


Bullet Storm Arena from GA Software

A good looking Geometry Wars homage that displays in portrait mode with odd twin stick controls. Great action but takes some getting used to.



Sisyphus Job from Critspot

An intense physics runner that combines platforming with high flying acrobatics. As players run for their lives through an ancient marathon deathtrap they’ll also be able to barrel through the air quite literally for some cool combos.

sysphusjob sysphusjob2


Whale On The Stick from Synthetic Moonlight

An eccentric Yellow Submarine-esque aquatic runner starring a flying whale that has players dodging missiles and body slamming ships. Bit difficult but an interesting idea.

whaleonthestick whaleonthestick2


Unicorn Madness from AXL Dynamics

An extremely silly action game where players take on the role of psychotic cosmic unicorns as they defend their homeworld against alien sheep using horn bashes and butt stomps. High pitched and reflex intensive.



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