Published on October 28th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


RPG Runner Dash Quest Brings The Zelda Formula To Android

With all the hoopla surrounding Nintendo’s mobile prospects lately it is extremely fortunate timing for indie developer Tiny Titan Studios’ nostalgic new Zelda/runner hybrid Dash Quest to be making its way onto Android devices. With nostalgia inducing graphics done up in the style of A Link To The Past and a familiar sword swinging mechanic adapted for mobile Dash Quest does a remarkable job of recreating some of the magic the classic series has always thrived on although the auto-runner approach to movement will take a few runs to get used to. As players battle through waves of well animated baddies and boss monsters they’ll gain access to new abilities and equipment which allows them to adjust their character to their play style. A polished blend of Zelda and runner, Dash Quest takes a step closer to what Nintendo should be trying to accomplish on mobile if it’s really serious.

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