Published on December 3rd, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Campy Retro Runner Sequel Super Helmets On Fire DX Hits Android

After releasing the zany construction themed runner Helmets On Fire as a free experiment earlier this year the team at indie developer Ripper Games are back with an over the top followup that delivers intense retro style platforming action alongside its wordy title. Super Helmets On Fire DX Ultra Edition Plus Alpha, or just Super Helmets On Fire for short, shares a similar premise with its predecessor but is a much more polished game in every regard with greatly improved oldschool gameplay, a ton more content including intense boss battles, and even a really nifty NES inspired GUI design complete with 8-bit cutscenes. As players conquer the four different game modes they’ll be able to unlock zany retro characters that boast unique skills that are advantageous to the game’s pseudo-RPG upgrade system. Super Helmets On Fire DX is a traditionally priced game at $.99 which means you don’t have to worry about any micro-transactions bringing down the experience which really helps to give its retro vibe authenticity. If you’d like to see Super Helmets On Fire DX come to Steam be sure to give it a vote on the game’s Greenlight page.

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