Published on December 5th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Deadly Acrobatics Rule In Novel New Touch Fighter FlipChamps

From the indie developer behind the fantastic retro platformer Owen’s Odyssey comes a fascinating new fighting game called FlipChamps that blends strategy and reflexes together with touchscreen mechanics in a uniquely engaging way. This lo-fi battle of wits from indie developer Brad Erkkila uses a simple concept that’s one part Fruit Ninja and one part Street Fighter where players move around different parts of the screen by tapping on corresponding podiums in order to pick up energy for their weapon and jockey for position. At the start of each match players can pick from one of four weapons much like picking a character in a fighting game with each weapon presenting players with a wildly different strategy to employ. For example, the laser allows players to incinerate any enemy on a vertical space whereas the mine will force them to watch their step when they go to pick up energy orbs. While it’s currently only a single player experience with two great modes, one of which is a neat survival mode, the developer also plans to add in some kind of multiplayer component which should really open up this games potential. Until then you’ll still have a blast taking on the AI in this unique touch-centric fighting game.

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