Published on December 5th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Dodge Alien Gifts In One Touch Avoid Em Up Tap Tap Balance

While a common hope most have for our first contact with an alien lifeform will be that it is benevolent in nature that might not be the best option either as is the case in indie developer PolyMobs’ addicting new one touch arcade physics game Tap Tap Balance. In this pixel heavy dodge em up bonanza our friendly neighbors from outer space have seen how depressed humanity is and have decided to shower us with gifts, the only problem is they don’t know when to stop and have been pelting the Earth with goodies so much that its very foundation is beginning to crumble. It’s up to players to assume one of over 40 unique characters as they each dash about their own individual scenarios balancing out the ground so they don’t fall off. Of course the gifts are still coming so players will need to dodge the benevolent onslaught as well by tapping to change their character’s direction which makes for intense but engaging action. Fans of twitchy arcade games will want to check out Tap Tap Balance.

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