Published on December 6th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Tile Combat Abounds In New Puzzle RPG Rescue The Princess

A charming new retro themed puzzle RPG called Rescue The Princess has arrived that blends simplicity with strategy in an accessible permadeath oriented formula. Created by indie developer MiniJini Studio, Rescue The Princess is a straightforward but highly replayable interpretation of the puzzle RPG genre that has players doing battle with a menagerie of pixelated baddies by connecting like tiles together in order to perform corresponding actions such as attack and heal. In order to connect a set of tiles players need to be adjacent to one which means they’ll need to both consider where their actions might land them on the board and anticipate how the enemy monster might react to any opportunities created by their combos. Opting to spend a turn collecting coins rather than fighting will allow players to acquire better loot in between rounds which presents a further dilemma in the heat of battle. There are multiple unlockable characters available as well for maximum replayability. Fans of puzzle RPGs will definitely want to give Rescue The Princess a try.

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