Published on December 10th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Fill Up On Modes With New Variable Platformer Pigeon Jump

Most mobile games tend to go with one style of gameplay and a take it or leave it kind of attitude but indie developer Saucy Games’ new Android debut platformer Pigeon Jump aims to please with a hearty six different available ways to play the game to choose from. As a springy young slice of bread in this pixel powered jack of all trades it’s up to players to stay atop a narrow podium and leap into the air to catch jelly as well as other important sandwich items all the while avoiding get nibbled to death or knocked off their perch by an absent minded avian. Luckily players do have one last saving chance during some modes in the form of a gyrating toaster at the bottom of the screen that will launch them back up should they fall much like a Pinball machine ball save function would. In addition to getting a high score another incentive for players to get a big run going and collect as much sandwich stuff as possible is that it also lets them fill up a jelly jar that unlocks new costumes for their bread avatar. Fans of bite sized retro platformers are sure to get a kick out of at least one of Pigeon Jump’s six great modes so give it a go if platformers are your thing.

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