Published on December 11th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Endless Arcade Shoot Em Up Bit Blaster Rockets Onto Android

A great new pick up and play style arcade shooter from the indie developer behind such hits as Bing Bong and High Rise has arrived that adapts the shoot em up genre to mobile centric endless mechanics with surprising success. Aptly titled Bit Blaster by its creator Nickervision Studios this retro callback combines influences such as Asteroids, Galaga, and the developer’s own signature minimalist style into an accessible arcade homage that keeps things straightforward without sacrificing challenge. As a brave fighter pilot standing against an endless alien armada players will need to pew-pew their way through waves of varied enemy ships using Bit Blaster’s simple two button controls alongside a few helpful power ups here and there to even the odds. Shoot em up fans looking for a great arcade shooter made for short bursts will get a kick out of Bit Blaster.

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