Published on December 20th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Charming Platform Spelunker Lost Caverns Ventures Onto Android

While many sidescrolling platformers nowadays tend to go with the pixelated look one endearing new spelunking themed adventure called Lost Caverns is bucking that trend with fantastic looking visuals drawn by a professional children’s book illustrator that not only contribute to its overall awe inspiring atmosphere but even tie directly into the gameplay itself due to things like mimic enemies setting up traps for players by disguising themselves as treasure. Released by indie developer Firecroc Games, Lost Caverns is a nostalgia inducing sidescroller done up in the tradition of genre classics like Rayman that throws a treasure collecting twist into the standard left-to-right formula where players must gather gems strewn about each level’s walls by snatching a sufficient amount of them with a grappling hook before the level exit will open and they can proceed to the next area. This is easier said than done however as much of the treasure tends to congregate around huge spike traps or deadly subterranean monsters. Fans of old school platformers will definitely want to give Lost Caverns a look.

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