Published on December 20th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Lick The Universe In Voracious New Arcade Gobbler Toadled

A wacky new arcade style tap ’em up called Toadled is here courtesy of indie developer Playometry(X To O) that blends the frantic screen slamming antics of Fruit Ninja with the bizarre mass gaining gameplay of Katamari into a finely distilled concoction of increasingly ridiculous waves that has players ascending the evolutionary ladder all the way from a frog into a celestial Cthulhu-esque being. Players must defend their mystical frog friend by tapping on any enemy creatures that appear on screen before they can harm him while making sure not to tap on any bombs or miss any flying coins. As players gain mass and advance to the next stage they’ll begin to encounter zany new creatures that will vary their attacks from previous enemy types in order to keep players on their toes, but players will also be able to use the coins they’ve gathered to upgrade their amphibious monster pal’s stats. If you’re looking for something with the longevity of a clicker but a bit more engaging be sure to take a look at Toadled.

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