Published on December 20th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Tetris Does A 360 In Intense New Gyro Puzzler Inky Blocks

Anyone who has ever had a Gameboy has played Tetris, whether they wanted to or not. Despite the classic puzzler’s severe lack of over stimulation it usually won over even the most hyperactive of kids sooner or later with its timeless line clearing gameplay and high replayability so it’s safe to assume a good many people will be happy about Inky Blocks, a zen-like literal remix of Tetris that expands the block breaking 360 degrees while infusing the atmosphere with a healthy dose of groovy visuals and tunes. This impressive inaugural initiative from indie developer Andrew Ivchuck belongs to a very small pool of successful Tetris reimaginings as its slightly intimidating spinning play field feels surprisingly smooth and natural without devolving into an annoying gimmick like 3D iterations of Tetris. With its mesmerizing visual atmosphere, addicting quickfire puzzle gameplay, and head bobbing soundtrack from HAXXY Inky Blocks does a stellar job of remaking the portable wall clearing classic.

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