Published on December 22nd, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Dodge Bullets In Nifty New Slow Motion FPS Hot Trigger

An intriguing new FPS has arrived from developer Swift Apps that uses a clever slow motion gameplay mechanic to work around the inherent clunkineness of touch screen shooter controls in novel fashion. Dubbed Hot Trigger, this graphically pleasing shoot em up isn’t remarkably different from other entries in the genre save for one really cool feature that completely changes how combat is approached. Players move about and shoot at enemies using typical virtual gamepad controls, but as they ease up on the movement stick time will begin to slow to a crawl which allows players to properly readjust their aim as well as admire the bullet time visuals. This slow motion mechanic works rather well and immediately sets Hot Trigger apart from most other first person shooters on Android. You can pick it up now for about 3 bucks on Google Play.

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