Published on December 23rd, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Extreme Aquatic Shoot Em Up Robo Shark Rampage Hits Android

Also new from developer Bolder Games is Robo Shark Rampage, an underwater themed sidescrolling shoot em up that puts players in control of a cybernetically enhanced war shark with a giant buzzsaw strapped to its head as they fight their way past wave after wave of cyborg sea creatures bent on total annihilation. Robo Shark Rampage is a shoot em up fashioned after endless runners where players try to last as long as possible against the enemy onslaught with any loot obtained used to further upgrade their shark for future runs. In addition to making their shark more powerful players also have other crazy power ups at their disposal such as helpful minions and weapons that make enemies explode. If you’re into shoot em ups be sure to give Robo Shark Rampage a look, you can pick it up now for about a buck on Google Play.

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