Published on December 26th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Award Winning Crafting Sim March Of Industry Hits Android

A fascinating new crafting oriented business simulator has arrived from the indie developer behind 8BitMMO called March Of Industry that mixes crafting mechanics together with mass production techniques to achieve a tense balance between puzzle and strategy with time on the clock. Released by developer Archive Entertainment, March Of Industry puts players in charge of running a satirical communist factory where they must combine various items to create bizarre weapons like Vladimir Putin’s shorts or face a speedy trip to the gulag. Successfully figuring out what combinations lead to what and setting up a long domino row of machines to pump out mass quantities of the finished products is the key to surviving in March Of Industry and expanding your factory. Fans of micro-management sims will get a kick out of March Of Industry’s novel premise. You can pick it up now for about 2 bucks on Google Play.

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