Published on December 26th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Guard The Galaxy In New 3D Sandbox Shooter Mechina

If you grew up on the ‘Desert Strike’ franchise of shooters like I did then you’ll be interested to know that the tactical helicopter series has gotten a bit of a spiritual successor for Android in the form of indie developer Landon Kazakoff’s epic new 3D shoot ’em up Mechina. Like in the ‘Desert Strike’ games Mechina is an isometric free-roam shooter where strategic run and gun tactics are necessary for survival since going in guns blazing will usually result in your ship being shot to pieces. Where Mechina departs from its spiritual predecessor is with its gorgeous sci-fi settings, powerful custom ship creator, and addicting trajectory intensive combat. As players fly around each world searching for its crazy overpowered boss they’ll come across upgrades that can be used to completely redesign every aspect of their ship to an astonishing degree. A great looking shooter with engaging gameplay and heavy customization, Mechina is available now on Google Play for about a buck.

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