Published on December 29th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Aquatic Horror Adventure Reveal The Deep Splashes Onto Android

After a strong debut on PC indie developer Lazy Monday Games’ eerie new underwater themed horror adventure game Reveal The Deep has slowly but surely made its way onto Android like a diver sloshing about the ocean floor in a cast iron coffin suit. This incredibly atmospheric descent into madness combines the world building of classic Lucasarts adventure games with simple sidescrolling platforming to immerse players in a claustrophobic environment where something menacing lurks perpetually out of sight and the only sounds they hear are ominous creaks and groans vibrating throughout a dilapidated ship. Players take on the role of a deep sea diver exploring the wreckage of a sunken ship as they search for clues and slowly piece together the events that led to the vessel’s demise. It’s especially difficult for mobile games to induce a genuine sense of dread in players so it is a testament to Reveal The Deep that it retains this quality even after transitioning to Android. You can pick Reveal The Deep up now on Google Play for about a buck and a half.

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