Published on December 29th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Retro Slash Em Up Cherry Star Asteroid Smasher Hits Android

An addicting new retro style shoot em up called Cherry Star: Asteroid Smasher has arrived with an interesting twist on typical touch shooter controls that completely changes the bullet dodging gameplay mechanics most common in the genre. Developed by indie studio Mars Games, Cherry Star casts players as a telepathic space warrior single-handedly wiping out hordes of invading aliens using her mind’s deadly power to create a giant blue monster that punches things into smithereens. Rather than using a virtual control pad scheme where players shoot bullets at enemies Cherry Star instead has players moving and attacking with the same finger as they must first move Cherry to a safe vantage point then slash like crazy at any incoming enemies while occasionally moving her when danger approaches. This creates an interesting gameplay dynamic as most arcade slashing ‘Fruit Ninja’ type games don’t have an onscreen protagonist to protect while all the slashing action is going on. Throw in great retro graphics and endearingly cheesy shooter tunes and you’ve got yourself a keeper. Cherry Star: Asteroid Smasher is available now on Google Play in both free and paid varieties.

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