Published on December 29th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Simon Says Gets Deadly In New Retro Minigame FortuneMemory

If you’re a fan of the electronic toy Simon Says but have always wished it could be a bit more violent today is your lucky day as indie developer Yaroslav Petrichka has released a darkly humorous new spin on the classic children’s game called FortuneMemory that introduces deadly consequences to the player’s avatar should they fail to properly replicate the commands given to them. This retro style memory minigame challenges players with keeping their character alive for as long as possible by repeating an increasingly complex random procession of gestures in sequence to stave off his inevitable demise. While not entirely novel there is something to be said for the classics and FortuneMemory does an acceptable job of giving Simon Says an interesting coat of paint. Memory game aficionados can pick up FortuneMemory on Google Play for free.

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