Published on January 3rd, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Hang On For Dear Life In Retro Wall Climber Ladder Louie

Our entire mission here at SGD is to shine a light onto awesome Android games you might not have heard of so when I first took a chance on the virtually untouched retro style arcade platformer Ladder Louie I immediately knew that here was a game that had been wrongly overlooked. Whether that’s due to its admittedly average looking old school graphics or merely the whims of fate is anyone’s guess but indie developer Blue Candle Games’ Ladder Louie delivers an addicting pick up and play arcade style experience that mashes together the intensity of cabinet-born gameplay with the quick game over cycle of modern micro-hits best suited for mobile.

In the tradition of classic wall climbing games like Spiderman players must help a ladder scaling addict named Louie sate his cravens for ascendance by having him climb and jump up the side of a building while the local neighborhood deploys countless spike traps, annoyed fireball throwing apartment dwellers, and even flying monsters to stop his pesky activities. Luckily players aren’t defenseless as they can also throw fireballs to take out enemies and can dodge with relative ease thanks to the game’s tight controls. It may have come out in July of last year, but Ladder Louie still feels fresh despite its unassuming appearance and has some interesting unlockables to keep players going. You can pick Ladder Louie up for free on Google Play.

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