Published on January 5th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Destroy Fear With Bullets In Treasure Inspired Shooter Alys

A charming new bullet hell shoot ’em up called Alys has arrived that meshes together the eye popping shooter mechanics of legendary developer Treasure’s classics like Ikaruga with a darkly kawaii retelling of Alice In Wonderland naturally interwoven into the gameplay. Created by indie developer Applefrog, Alys challenges players with a difficulty on par with the most daunting of Japanese shoot ’em ups as players take on waves of hand drawn enemies spewing torrents of multi-colored projectiles leaving very little room for escaping their deadly gaze unscathed. Luckily, players are able to absorb enemy gunfire by switching their shield back and forth between two colors like in Ikaruga which does help to even the playing field a bit and adds in an extra layer of intricacy to all the madness. As players level up and start to unlock new upgrades each new run will treat them to a new bit of information about Alys’ dark interpretation of the classic children’s tale which gives it a lot more personality than your average mobile shoot em up. Whether you’re a fan of crazy arcade shoot ’em ups or are just in the mood for something odd take a gander at Alys, it’s available now for free on Google Play.

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