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Go For The Gold With Novel Tactical Sports RPG Rover League

One big thing most fantasy RPG based sports parodies like Blood Bowl tend to miss is the actual RPG part of things, opting instead to keep their game settings confined solely to an arena and never giving players the opportunity to see what the monster filled environment outside their fantasy world’s equivalents of sports arenas looks like. This fascinating concept serves as the centerpiece for indie developer Zero None Games’ terrific genre fusing tactics RPG Rover League, a unique blend of Final Fantasy Tactics, Blood Bowl, and Dragon Quest.

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In Rover League it’s up to players to coach their party/sports-franchise to victory/not-death as they travel a sprawling retro RPG world battling other professional teams in a strange amalgamation of hockey, rugby, football, and tactics RPG combat that involves both scoring touchdowns and disemboweling one’s opponents. However in order to participate in these official league games players must first get their team to the appropriate stadium and since this game takes place in a typical RPG world your team will be attacked by random monsters that can pose a serious threat to their health before a big match. It’s this blend of tactical RPG, sports game, and parody that makes Rover League so special. If you’re a fan of RPG’s or are just in the mood for something a bit different be sure to check out Rover League. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.

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