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Stair Conquering Platformer Super Turtle Climb Leaps Onto Android

Perhaps the most intense moment of any Super Mario Bros level is climbing the stairs right before the flagpole at the end. This pivotal stair ascendance was always a tense endeavor as novice players could never be too sure what devious level layout was laying in wait with hidden bottomless pits to ruin all their hard work. Well it seems it’s a big deal to Mario type characters as well since the moment the paper craft equivalent of a Koopa Troopa decided to go stair hopping his version of Mario wasn’t too happy and starting flying overhead so he could drop spike balls on the newly christened protagonist. Thus was the mad, mad impetus for indie developer Haunted Elevator’s endearing endless platformer Super Turtle Climb which seeks to repeat this scenario in perpetuity.

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The idea behind this charming ode to nostalgia is daftly simple but works really well as a direct result since instead of being yet another mindless clicker here the task players must perfectly reproduce is the most entertaining part of one of the best games ever made. Players must run and jump across a shifting landscape of procedureally generated platform layouts whilst a constant barrage of spike bombs politely encourage them to move forward at a brisk pace. Those that are able to cover large distances without going to that big shell in the sky will be able to unlock cool new skins and themes to keep things interesting. Fans of platformers and those sick of clickers will want to check out Super Turtle Climb. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.

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