Published on January 6th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Trippy Pixel Shoot ‘Em Up Hit Gongbat Coming Soon To Mobile

Indie developer Ace Poison Games has announced that its superb tongue-in-cheek shoot ’em up about a badass lady wooing’ bat called Gongbat will be arriving on an Android device near you very soon, and they’ve got a trailer showcasing its shiny new update to prove it. The brain child of one man studio Zack Harmon, Gongbat is an impressively well made sidescrolling shooter with exhilarating arcade action, awesome soundtrack, and a vibrant art style that really brings Gongbat’s wacky retro world to life. Players control a rare type of bat that has the ability to transform into different power granting mutations whenever it hears a specific kind of gong go off which has unfortunately led to the rest of his species being hunted to extinction by an exceedingly douchey mad scientist. When Gongbat first released last year as a free project it was met with rave reviews, and now with this new revamped premium version for PC and mobile it’s looking set to be better than ever. Look for Gongbat to be hitting the Google Play Store soon.


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