Published on January 8th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Conserve H20 With A Tank In New Arcade Shooter Spunge Invaders

The folks over at developer Spunge Games have returned with a follow up to their 3D runner Cartoon Survivor, aptly titled Spunge Invaders, as water conservation takes on a whole new meaning in this addicting aquatic alien shoot ’em up. In the world of Spunge Invaders an armada of evil aliens that happen to resemble overgrown koosh balls that mutated into a space faring race descend upon planet Earth in a bid to suck up all of its precious water and bring it back to their home planet. It’s up to players to prevent that from happening by jumping into a ocean going tank and filling the skies with kooshball killing warheads as the aliens throw a myriad of different enemies that need to be defeated in their own ways at the player. Luckily players can help even the odds by acquiring power ups like laser cannons and machine guns that will obliterate tons of aliens at once if players are quick enough to catch them. Surviving for long enough allows players to unlock new characters that each come with their own unique level skin to help keep things interesting. You can pick up Spunge Invaders for free on Google Play.

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