Published on January 8th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Nab ALL The Money In New Game & Watch Style Minigame Heist

Fans of classic LCD handhelds are in for a treat as indie developer Dimsdale & Kreozot United Games Manufactures has released a nostalgia heavy homage to the Game & Watch era called Heist that honors its tradition of delivering great gameplay within the confines of limited technology. Technically a sequel to the developers previous game Get Fiquette, Heist changes things up by having players control the bad guy this time around as he tries to steal bags of money from the bank and transport them back to his hot air balloon without getting caught by vigilante citizens or the cops. Heist’s gameplay is simple but highly engaging as players attempt to safely cross back and forth between the sides of the screen using only left and right buttons while anvils and potted plots fall from the sky like rain. Timing is everything in Heist as players must move about in sync with the frames of animation if they want to avoid getting a game over. Extra niceties like the ability to build up combos for a high score and an optional plastic style UI overlay help to give Heist some longevity and extra flair. You can pick up Heist for free on Google Play.

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