Published on January 9th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Smashing New Physics Runner Get React Blasts Onto Android

After a year of grueling development indie developer Crashinvaders has launched its physics heavy destruction runner Get React, an addicting new endless flyer where using your head is key…..literally. This charming retro romp combines the simplicity of Swing Copters with the rocket booster fueled mayhem of Jetpack Joyride as players must help a stylized pixel character fly as high as possible by smashing through any wooden planks that get in their way while taking care not to headbutt a stone floor because that usually doesn’t end well at high, or any, speeds. However players can get through these otherwise impenetrable walls by using one of their special wall smashing abilities or making strategic use of stray explosives which sends debris flying throughout the screen in a satisfying shower of destruction. Throughout each run players will find the occasional treasure chest that usually holds gold but sometimes will grant access to one of the many unlockable characters that each come with their own unique skill, opening up a new approach to gameplay. Fans of runners looking for something a bit more action packed will have a blast with Get React. You can pick Get React up for free on Google Play.

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