Published on January 20th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Challenging Retro Platformer Raider Rush Leaps Onto Android

After launching on iOS late last year the challenging Super Meat Boy esque platformer Raider Rush has wall jumped its way onto Android devices. Released by indie developer Tatiaki, Raider Rush aims to simultaneously solve the age old problem of how to implement the touchscreen equivalent of gamepad controls while still maintaining the same brutal level of difficulty as the legendary platformers it draws inspiration from albeit in a more mobile friendly bite sized format. In this retro reflex tester players take on the role of a daring yet foolhardy tomb raider that has just stolen an ancient relic and now must high tail it out of the relic temple while multitudes of crazy traps and an ever rising tide of lava give chase. Raider Rush includes two traditionally designed story chapters and an intense endless mode with the first chapter and endless mode being available for free while the second chapter and ad removal are on offer for $2.99. If you’re a fan of Super Meat Boy style platformers be sure to try Raider Rush, it retains the same crazy degree of difficulty but with a more mobile friendly control scheme and level layout that helps take the frustration out of touch screen platforming.

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