Published on January 20th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Novel Sports Strategy Mix Monday Night Monsters Hits Android

Right on schedule, indie developer PlayPlayFun’s intriguing new blend of Football with both real time and turn based elements called Monday Night Monsters has taken the field on Google Play. Created in collaboration with fellow developer Spotcos, Monday Night Monsters is much more than just another Mutant League Football clone as this strategy oriented twist on pigskin features a superb meld of real time action and turn based tactics that gives it a unique feel all to its own. In this monster filled Football riff players must coach their team to victory by throwing the game ball into the opposing teams goal while avoiding getting tackled by pursuing opponents which can happen at anytime in a more arcadeish twist. Commanding your team in Monday Night Monsters is a blast as players are able to pause the action at any time and strategize their plan of attack before letting play resume almost like Fallout’s VATS system had been applied to Football somehow. Whether you’re a Football fan looking for something more laid back but not dumbed down or a strategy buff on the hunt for something a little different be sure to take a look at Monday Night Monsters, it’s available now for about a buck on Google Play.

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