Published on January 22nd, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Geriatric Mayhem Continues In 3D Shoot Em Up Gangster Granny 3

It may have been a few years since its last outing but indie developer Heisenberg Entertainment has brought their gun slinging grandma franchise Gangster Granny out of retirement for a third helping of 3D shoot em up action. Like its predecessors before it, Gangster Granny 3 is a straightforward but cheeky third person action shooter that has players fighting hordes of bizarre enemies across cartoonish locales with occasional mini-game esque breaks like skydiving or turret sections here and there to keep things fresh. Rather than engaging in elderly hooliganry this time around however Granny must instead escape being captured by an evil mega corporation that wants to use her to finish their dastardly experiments but has critically underestimated the immense power of her crankiness. While it may not be the most original of third person shooters what Gangster Granny 3 does it does well and its flat price of $1.99 with no iap’s is a welcome callback to the time in Android gaming when the first two games came out.

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