Published on January 25th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Craft Your Own Civilization In New Survival Sidescroller Etaria

Having achieved success on Steam Greenlight indie developer Bug-Studio has set its sights on Android with the release of its new sidescrolling survival sandbox Etaria. This pixelated crafting heavy adventure from the creators of CosmoLands and GrottyScape plops players into an open ended world with only one directive: survive. This entails much more than just chopping wood however as players must also build their own self-sustaining society using the sandbox tools available to them to shape the landscape to their whims if they wish to hold out against the rigors of Etaria’s harsh environments. While they’re off having their own adventures going spelunking or battling ferocious wildlife players can assign tasks to the residents of their village such as chopping wood, hunting, or even joining them in battle. It’s this interesting world building aspect that gives Etaria a more lively feeling than its contemporaries in the survival genre as well as adding an extra dimension to its permadeath fueled sidescrolling action. Fans of survival games looking for something a little different will want to check out Etaria, which is available now for a dollar on Google Play with a free lite version available as well.

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