Published on January 25th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Nintendo eShop Arcade Puzzler Fat City Sneaks Onto Android

After launching first on the Nintendo Wii U and other consoles developer Heavy Iron Studios’ heist based arcade puzzler Fat City has quietly made its way onto the best place for its touch-centric UI, Android. A clever real time mix of strategy and puzzle mechanics, Fat City challenges players with pulling off increasingly more daring bank robberies that demand ever more impeccable timing and reasoned forethought in order to get away with. Players take on the role of a military veteran forced to pull off robberies for a shadowy cabal that has kidnapped his sister and is demanding he complete the jobs she refused to do in order to secure her freedom. Rather than put them directly into the action however Fat City instead gives players an overhead view of the city that allows them to coordinate their heists in real-time as they race against the clock and an ever sharper police presence. This gives Fat City an interesting strategic vibe as players need to plan out their movement carefully and be ready to react at a moment’s notice. Fans of atypical strategy games will want to check out Fat City, it’s available now for free on Google Play.

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