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Cavernaut Review

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Cavernaut is a minimal and addictive cave flying game by Einheit B and an experience made just for the mobile platform.

It is inspired by classic arcade games like Lunar lander, using just the right amount of thrust to land on a platform, on the moon. Cavernaut is built along the same lines, except your goal is to escape a hollow planet that is randomly generated each time. I couldn’t ever manage to escape the planet myself, so I don’t know if that ever actually happens. But en route you find fuel stations and luminium crystals. The crystals work as points, and are saves after a game to upgrade parts of your ship like shields, the hull, and the fuel tank so that you can go further up.


The game itself has a very retro feel to it, with a minimal electronic soundtrack and equally minimal graphics. However, its one of the most polished and beautiful games I’ve seen and is a joy to pick up and play.

The tilt controls are executed surprisingly well and the only touching involved is the tap-to-thrust. Works perfectly for a game of this sort and it’s at just the right level of difficulty for a modest learning curve.

Being a rogue-like-like, the in game choices have a potential game ending chance at each turn. You could use your fuel to turn around the next bit and find a fuelpad, or you could find crystals, or maybe you could find nothing and run out of fuel and eventually crash.

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Cavernaut Review arvind0598


Summary: Cavernaut is a premium game, and features no IAP-s. I haven't had any bugs either. Its a game that gets better as you progress and sessions could last anywhere from 5 minutes to half an hour. It's one of the rare games which are challenging, almost frustrating and yet keep you coming back to them. Worth its price in every way.



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