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The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Review

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If you have ever played a Pirate game, say for example the old 2d classic, Tradewinds then you know exactly what you’re getting into but this time its level is turned up to 11. As a Pirate game, The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt brings nothing new to the formula but instead focuses on improving it. The game as you might notice when you first begin looks extremely beautiful with the vibrant colors of the Caribbean and seamless ocean flowing behind ever so calmly. The game begins quite simple with looting floating cargo and capturing small merchant ships but as you progress you begin to see that this is only a fraction of what the game has to offer. As you progress, you will buy bigger ships to capture even greater ones while taking risks by buying and selling expensive cargo across large distances trying to get the best deals. At once you realize that the game isn’t what it once was as you now constantly engage in risky battles testing your limits as you take on larger fleets, destroying forts with mortars attached to your upgraded ships, conquering towns and raising a chain of flags across the world map. The sailing mechanics are quite robust and you must know exactly how they work if you don’t want to sleep with the fishes, especially in the later parts of the game where wind becomes quite an influential factor than one would think.


The game keeps opening up more and more as you buy new maps to explore the world further and with several ship types from which you must strategically pick the ones which suit your playstyle and equip them with the ammunition of your choice all of which is impressively packed into just about 40mb.

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is a free game and with that as you might except, it offers IAPs, however these IAPs are completely optional in nature and are not needed in the slightest to progress. Cloud saving is also available and the game is constantly updated with content filled updates. Be warned though as the game’s tutorial does feel a bit lacking as things like wind mechanics, boarding, etc are given little to no explanation assuming the player would figure everything out for themselves. There are also times where you might run across a few bugs here and there with menus that don’t disappear and buttons that don’t work. These bugs are generally small enough to be overlooked as the core battles are smooth.

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The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is undoubtedly one of the best games to come out in January 2016 along with Crashlands and Downwell but is definitely the most unheard of from the bunch. Hopefully, it will gain its deserved attention in the foreseeable future.


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The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Review Arcane


Summary: The Pirate: Caribbean is one of the best titles to come out this month and occasional bugs should be expected from a game that is barely a month old.



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  • Gamer Grimm

    Fantastic review! I’m having a blast and evidently I’m barely into the game. There is no way that this game doesn’t become popular. It’s just a matter of when. The IAP is wonderfully done because, like you said, it isn’t mandatory at all, and if you want, you get a lot from just $1-3.

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