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Crashlands Review

Even if you’re a light mobile gamer, you likely know by now Crashlands by Butterscotch Shenanigans has been released for Android as well as iOS and Steam.

Take on the role of Flux Dabes interstellar delivery driver. Today is different from a normal run as your ship has been attacked by Hewgodooko, an evil alien floating head… thing. After Hewgodooko destroys your ship you, wait for it… Crashland on planet Woanope, a magical world of strange creatures and alien artifacts to discover.

Your goal is to survive, adventure and craft your way out of this most unfortunate situation.


The game starts with you on your ship along with JuiceBox, your robot sidekick and the story unfolds from there. The controls are tap to move (no virtual joysticks here). This works well on mobile devices and I assume translates well to the PC point-and-click version.

Crashlands has a high amount of polish and it’s clear this team cares a lot about their game.
The color palette is beautiful, full of vibrant blue, yellow and purple tones.

I’m not a big fan of crafting games like Minecraft so I was a bit hesitant to jump in to Crashlands, but I’m sure glad I did! All of the tediousness of crafting workstations, tools, weapons and armor is gone! As you explore the planet surface you’ll come across schematics for all manner of things to make. Once you harvest the raw materials for the item you need just head back to your workstation and tap “build”. That’s it! Also, your inventory is infinite and manages itself, so no moving items between chests and packs and such.

To make things even easier, your space suit inventory is context driven. Need to chop down a tree?.. you’ll auto switch to your saw.. about to battle a Wompit!? .. no problem, your weapon is ready to go! Anytime you craft a weapon or piece of armor you’ll have random buffs applied to it, i.e. poison chance, shock resistance.

Alongside all the crafting there’s an amazing adventure in which you’ll get to know the locals, help them with their struggles and in return they’ll provide you with tips and tools to aid your quest. You can even tame some of the wildlife to fight alongside you.


Woanope is HUGE!! Thankfully the Butterscotch Brothers have simplified travel by giving you access to teleport pads that allow you to bounce yourself around the vast world with ease.

Fighting is straightforward, basically tap to attack. Your enemies will show a red area of effect for their attacks allowing you time to get out of the way and counter. In addition to your normal melee weapon you’ll have the ability to craft various bombs to help in battle. If you die you’ll lose some of your items and spawn back at whichever teleport pad you’ve designated as “home”. Thankfully there will be a gravestone marker on the map so you can go reclaim your lost items along with the gravestone itself. I’ve made a nice little cemetery next to my house to commemorate the 20+ times I’ve perished so far.


At it’s core Crashlands is a survival-crafting-RPG hybrid. It’s $4.99 USD on Google Play with zero IAP. Cloud saves are in full effect, so regardless of device or platform you can always pick up where you left off.

Some might say the gameplay formula is too simple: find materials, craft a better workstation, upgrade your tools and weapons, upgrade your house,… rinse-repeat. You could see it this way, but I find myself engrossed in the gorgeous environments, strange creatures, simple mechanics and soothing soundtrack.

On the technical side the game is very well optimized. I’ve tested Crashlands on an HTC One M8, Nexus 7(2012) and an LG Sunrise ($10 Walmart phone)

The only negative (and it’s minor) is the map navigation doesn’t fit the rest of the game. It’s done using arrows along with + and – rather than pinch and zoom. It’s a bit clunky, although I hear they’ll be improving this in future updates.

I hope my humble review has done this masterpiece justice. Crashlands is a game almost anyone can get lost in for hours! Head over to the Crashlands site for more info, media, lore and general shenanigans. There’s even a short documentary on the games development.

Thanks for reading.

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Crashlands Review Joe Stofko


Summary: "Crashlands has a high amount of polish and it's clear this team cares a lot about their game..." "...I hope my humble review has done this masterpiece justice."



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