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Atari Themed Shooter Cowboy With A Gatling Gun Hits Android

I never gave it much thought before, but when it comes to bullet hell shooters it would make sense to use simpler Atari style pixel graphics due to their sharper level of overall visual definition which is exactly what indie developer G-rant’s Games has done with its humorous arcade survival shoot ’em up Cowboy With A Gatling Gun. Much like the Atari games it’s modeled after Cowboy With A Gatling Gun is based on straightforward yet highly replayable shoot em up mechanics that many retro games at the time used but with the pace turned up to 11 as hordes of enemies attempt to rush players from all angles across 7 unique levels as they strive to hold out for as long as possible against near impossible odds.

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While some stages will have players defending a stationary point at the center of the screen other times they’ll be shooting it out with other cowboys on horseback in a more traditional shooter looking type setup. True to its Atari roots Cowboy With A Gatling Gun is rather difficult as players will need twitch reflexes in order to achieve a high score, thankfully it’s virtual touchpad setup works well with some practice and it even has full controller support for those that want the console experience. I’m really enjoying playing it with a bluetooth gamepad myself. If you’re a fan of arcade shooters or Atari style game design be sure to take a look at Cowboy With A Gatling Gun, it’s available now for a dollar on Google Play alongside a free trial version.

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