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Mage Gauntlet Review

Mage Gauntlet is a breath of fresh air.

Beneath the piles of your typical unbalanced hack and slash titles with bad writing and lack luster gameplay lies a little gem that has eluded the eyes of masses, Mage gauntlet. With Mage gauntlet, even though from a distance it may simply look like any other hack and slash game upon playing it, one discovers a well crafted adventure centered around a young cute and quirky girl bent on finding out more about herself and going to great lengths to do so. The game has a narrative focus with surprisingly good and organic dialogue which alone makes it stand out among most RPGs. The beautiful pixelated retro art style along with its vibrant colors suits the game well and is a refreshing change from other games in its genre.


The music is quite good, with a mystical vibe at most times and changes approximately based on the situation. The controls are tight and responsive and can be changed as per the players preference. So far this might seem like just another RPG, albeit a well made one but that is not the case. Mage gauntlet doesn’t cover itself with the tropes that it’s brethren carry. Barrels don’t drop coins, there are no shops, no XP system or anything one might expect such a game to have. Instead the game is skill based where you get items once you’ve progressed through a certain point in the game. This leads to a brilliantly balanced game which is extremely fun to play as you fight your way through a huge number of varied enemies and unique bosses which make you question your play style constantly.

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Mage gauntlet is a paid game but with expensive IAPs which might turn a good amount of buyers away but you will be pleased to know that these IAPs are nothing but a few in game items that can be easily acquired and instead act as donations to the developers. As such, Mage gauntlet is a solid game that serves to prove that mobile games aren’t always cash grabs with intrusive IAPs.

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Mage Gauntlet Review Arcane


Summary: Simply put, Mage Gauntlet is a gem in the rough, overshadowed by other titles with fancier graphics from the genre.



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