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Bloody Aliens! Review

Bloody Aliens! is a frantic sci-fi survival shooter with crazy weapons from the three man at crew Crywolf Digital.

The concept of Bloody Aliens! isn’t new but it does break the mold. In the game you are defending Earth from invading aliens. You defend Earth with four crazy weapons and your ability to spin the planet. Each weapon has multiple levels of upgrade that make a noticeable difference defeating the invaders in their own unique way.


The colors of the game are bright and go well together. The animations were very smooth with no noticeable chopping even when frantically spinning and blowing up aliens all over the screen. I enjoyed the choice of music and it seemed to fit with the theme. The background music had a spacey kind of sound. The repetitive weapons sounds fit well and were not irritating, which can be a problem for games like this. Bloody Aliens! is the perfect video game as in, it is easy to learn but continues challenging you as you get better.

The game play is described as intense on Google Play and it is not a lie. The first time you play you only have two weapons which is easier to manage. I unlocked all weapons on my first run through the game. Once I started my second play through the game really picks up. Four unique methods of attack along with a constant stream of invaders can get frantic. Every play through just seems to get more intense as you progress further. While there isn’t much variation in game play I did enjoy it. For those of you that like going for points, Bloody Aliens! does use Google Play Games for leaderboards. You can have the board broke down by your friends or everyone and see how you rank.

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The upgrades are obtainable without feeling like you are just grinding for them which is nice. The higher level upgrades also add new abilities to your weapons to make them more efficient at destroying the invaders. Usually this is where IAP would be mentioned but to my surprise I could not find any IAP in the game. At the end of a play through you are able to watch an ad for extra coins but it is not required.

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Bloody Aliens! Review Tom Denvir


Summary: So Bloody Aliens! is not new but it does add new features to a simplistic game play turning it into a frantic fight with every play through.



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