Published on February 2nd, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Binding Of Isaac Clone Interminatis Lacum In Open Beta

I’m a huge fan of The Binding Of Isaac so I always keep a look out for anything even remotely resembling Ed McMillen’s dour twin stick rogue-like on Android. Luckily an interesting and surprisingly competent new homage to TBOI with the vogue title of Interminatis Lacum has arrived on Google Play in open beta form recently and i’m happy to say it’s already looking like one of the best TBOI clones around despite it still being in development. Although there’s still much work to be done the framework laid by indie developer M Lab has proven promising with smooth shoot em up combat, varied enemy AI, and even run seeds all in place where many of its peers falter at one or all three features. Per The Binding Of Isaac formula Interminatis Lacum is a rogue-like twin stick shooter where players go from room to room shooting enemies and collecting pick ups while occasionally battling huge bosses in epic confrontations. While we’ll likely never see The Binding Of Isaac on Android, Interminatis Lacum is shaping up to be a decent alternative. You can pick the beta up for free on Google Play.

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