Published on February 3rd, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Retro Rocket Runner Pixel Space Adventure Lands On Android

A generically named but otherwise great new hybrid of physics runners and shooters called Pixel Space Adventure has arrived on the scene with its own twist on Lunar Lander shoot em ups like Flop Rocket. Created by indie developer Jan-Philipp Hampe, Pixel Space Adventure challenges players with flying for as long as possible through uncharted space filled with countless deadly obstacles like giant laser grids, toxic waste barrel storms, and 8-bit Eldritch abominations as they strategically ration their fuel and blast apart anything that so much as looks at their ship funny. If players can manage to survive long enough to pick up the occasional coin they’ll be able to upgrade their ship’s stats such as when increasing their fire rate or extending the duration of the all important shield ability. If you’re up for a neat physics shoot em up runner that isn’t held back by IAPs be sure to take a look at Pixel Space Adventure, it’s available now for $.99 on Google Play.

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