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DigDig Review

DigDig – Endless Mine Quest is a new endless tapper game from Static Dreams. With charming pixel graphics and tight, responsive controls, it stands as a solid entry on the Play Store.


The gameplay is fairly simple. Click on the left or right side of the screen to decide which side of your downward tunnel to take. Instructions are similarly simple: these are the good blocks, these are the bad blocks. There’s no high concepts or complex math to work out- just your reflexes and the timer as your gas gauge ticks down. It’s incredibly easy to get into and surprisingly addictive. Every time you meet your death screen there’s a nagging feeling that you could do better. Rinse, repeat. It’s a good formula.

The game plays well with its ad space, too. Ads show up in the form of “get more gold,” which is just a button between games that can be tapped to watch a short video for some in game cash. Cash in turn is used only for cosmetic “heroes,” making ads completely optional.


Static Dreams’ choice to make the heroes strictly cosmetic will sit differently with different players. For some, they’ll see it as a boon. The game is skill based and without artificial ceilings or sly cheats. For others, they’ll see it as flat. The game offers no progression beyond badges of honor.

The only real thing that made me quirk my head was the choice of heroes. They’re a wide and silly variety from which you can purchase, which is great. The odd thing is that among thirty options there are no women, even when choices include ghosts, aged wizards, and a man in a rubber horse mask. It just strikes me odd.

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DigDig Review Clay Pearson


Summary: Overall I’d say it’s a good game. It’s easy to pick up and play for a couple minutes, which is perfect for a mobile title. Ads are incredibly well done for a free game, too. I think it lacks the complexity and progression that might hold gamers for a long time, but I also don’t think that the game was every trying to be that. It seems pretty comfortable being what it is.



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