Published on February 5th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Retro Arcade Survival Shooter 16-Bit Tank Rolls Onto Android

One of my favorite games when I was younger was an arcade style shooter on the NES called Jackal which had players rolling around a pixel battlefield blasting apart enemy strongholds like a jeep powered one-man army. An addicting new retro shoot em up called 16-Bit Tank has brought this same spirit back to life in a more mobile friendly endless format with players once again facing off against hordes of baddie sprites in their own shoddy armored vehicle but with touchscreen mechanics this time around rather than a traditional joystick. This old school inspired runner from indie developer Pavel Kostin challenges players with surviving as long as possible against a whole host of threats from missile towing infantry, mines, various tanks, and even crazy screen dominating bosses as they advance further and further into enemy territory. There are several unlockable tanks each with their own special abilities which gives players a goal to strive towards. If you’re a fan of arcade style shooters be sure to take a look at 16-Bit Tank, it’s available now for free on Google Play.

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