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Soda Dungeon Review

Soda Dungeon is a fun RPG with a unique upgrade method developed by Afro-Ninja Productions and published by Armor Games.

In Soda Dungeon you are a broke coward who convinces patrons of a soda bar to explore dungeons and fight monsters. While the premise of the game might be a bit odd, it is quite an enjoyable game. In the game the soda from this tavern makes it easy to convince others to go adventuring for you. The game starts off with a nice tutorial that takes you from getting an adventurer to battling in the dungeon. After a few times exploring, the owner of the tavern asks you to help him bring in more patrons by upgrading the tavern. As you progress further you can get new sodas for a chance of attracting new adventurers. With every exploration you will find loot along with gold. You can use the loot you find and purchase to upgrade your adventurers as you see fit. The battle system is turn based with you choosing the actions of each adventurer. This might seem familiar to those who played a certain fantasy RPG series.


Soda Dungeon also contains a prestige mechanic where you travel to a different dimension. This partially resets your game but allows you a choice of three presented relics. These relics give your party a boost in a stat. Along with getting a relic you can now collect Essence in the dungeons. The Essence randomly drops from enemies that you defeat. You can use this Essence to upgrade your relics. For example I had a relic that gave +5 HP to adventurers per relic level. This quickly adds up and makes a noticeable difference in how far your party can make it through the dungeons.

The game does include two automatic features that work well. The auto features are able to be turned on or off easily if you would like to control it manually. The first is auto-equip that equips your best equipment when you add a patron to your party. Even with the auto-equip, I usually still tweaked what accessories my adventurers had. The second is auto-battle which uses any attack, skill, spell, or item to defeat foes. Auto-battle has a surprisingly good A.I., much better than I expected.


Another thing it has going for it is an achievement system that is linked to Google Play Games. With every achievement you will unlock special items to customize the look of your character. The customize option is in the unlockable VIP menu which contains high priced items that will definitely help your team advance through the dungeons. There are items such as a new soda, saving class loadouts, pets, warping further in the dungeon, inheriting gold, and customizing the look of your adventurers.

Soda Dungeon uses SNES-era style graphics and animations. Even with the choice of graphic style, everything is clearly defined. This game uses a darker color palette that fits well and looks great. Along with the older graphic style this game uses chiptune music and sounds. The background music is great sounding with an upbeat tempo. The sounds for attacks and menus are clear and sound good.

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Soda Dungeon Review Tom Denvir


Summary: Soda dungeon is a unique RPG that works great on mobile and can provide endless hours of fun while giving you a sense of nostalgia at the same time.



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