Published on February 7th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Don’t Reach For The Stars In New Retro Sidescroller Pixel Ninjas

Bullet hell dodging and sidescrolling platforming collide in the new retro style arcade homage Pixel Ninjas, a humble little single screen jumper with a lot of mileage under the hood. Created by indie developer Eclipsis Games, Pixel Ninjas is fashioned after the games of old with a simple but solid classic arcade premise that offers a high degree of replayability despite its seemingly straightforward setup. In a quest to prove they are the greatest ninja in the world players must use retro platforming sans platforms to dodge hundreds of deadly magic throwing stars being flung at them by a kung fu master sitting on a cloud like a murderous version of the spike shell throwing cloud koopas in Super Mario Bros. Being magic throwing stars they tend not to obey the laws of physics and thus will sometimes bounce around like a ricocheting bullet, follow players like a homing missile, and bound about like a blade covered bouncy ball. Luckily since they are totally awesome ninjas players have various abilities at their disposal like a shield which can be powered up by jumping over errant throwing stars. If you’re a fan of old school arcade games like the original Mario Bros Arcade be sure to take a look at Pixel Ninjas.

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